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Trading signals



  • Daily 2-4 Signals
  • Monthly 1500 - 2500 PIPS
  • Signals with proper technical setup, Elliott Wave


  • Daily 2-4 Signals
  • Monthly 1500 - 2500 PIPS
  • Signals with proper technical setup, Elliott Wave


  • Daily 2-4 Signals
  • Monthly 1500 - 2500 PIPS
  • Signals with proper technical setup, Elliott Wave


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Transfer to the bank account: SK26 8330 0000 0025 0151 3516

Paypal: @atlantiscapital or

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Trading signals:

Atlantis Capital Group’s signals outline trading opportunities resulting from technical analyzes together with their probability calculation.


This information does not constitute a new offer (or request for such an offer) to purchase or sale of an existing product, product, or financial instrument, to making a new investment or participating in each specific business strategy. The data given from the signal should only be used for information purposes and their purpose is not a recommendation for investment or divestiture in a concrete way. Signal sales cannot serve as a reliable indicator of future returns or market prices. Atlantis Capital Group does not assume any warranties or liability for the presence or completeness of the information provided. In providing this information, the company Atlantis Capital Group did not take into account the investment objectives of a particular beneficiary, specific investment objectives, financial situation, or specific needs or requirements. Anything mentioned here should not be considered as a recommendation on investment or sale in a certain way for any recipient. Atlantis Capital Group does not take responsibility for any other beneficiary suffering a loss from trading based on a presumed recommendation. All investments carry risk and their outcome can be a gain or a loss. Trading based on signals is not suitable for all investors and all beneficiaries should understand their financial situation and obtain advice from a financial advisor to get a good idea of ​​the possible risks and before investing or concluding a transaction to verify that the procedure is appropriate in their situation. Any mention of a potential risk does not need to be and should not be considered as a complex description of risks or their exhaustive description.

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