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About Atlantis

We have created a balanced, diversified, and long-term sustainable investment product focused on absolute return with a clearly defined level of risk. We apply our automated trading strategies to a wide range of tradable assets in the financial markets, which we constantly monitor and evaluate.

Our algorithms are developed “in house” and based on several years of experience of our traders.  A professional team of analysts, developers, and market and risk management specialists take care of development and monitoring of our trading algorithms. A great advantage of our developed algorithms is their ability to respond to adverse conditions at any time and benefit from this situation.

Our basic trading principles are as follows:

Investment approach

We rely on systematic approach while managing assets, we use mathematical and statistical models in testing strategies, portfolio management as well as risk management.

We focus primarily on research and development of individual trading systems and their subsequent implementation in the form of portfolios.

Our domain is daily algorithmic trading of various underlying assets on financial markets. Trades are executed through algorithms overseen by a team of specialists.


We live in a dynamic environment, and therefore it is necessary to constantly evolve and adapt to changing conditions.

Despite the ever-changing situation on the global financial market thanks to:

  • he constant development of trading algorithms,
  • quality diversification of our portfolios,
  • and strict risk management

we achieve stable and attractive results anyway.

Absolute return

Our portfolios consist of different types of trading strategies and algorithms, which are combined to achieve quality diversification and adherence of clearly defined principles of risk management within the whole fund.

As a result of this, compared to traditional investment models, we can achieve absolute return.



Almost 10 years of experience in trading and an equally long time in senior management positions make Ľuboš a right person in its place. He focuses mainly on currency and commodity markets and monitoring large amounts of money and price developments over time.

He has been involved in establishment of more than 6 successful companies, but he sees financial markets and money management as the pick of his business, where his entire professional career has been directed into. He likes to create high added value in a team of highly talented people.

He achieved his greatest business success on the German index DAX30, but with Atlantis he aims to achieve above-standard results in the long term. And all of this, of course, above the market average and with strictly managed and controlled risk.

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